cosy life

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my comfort. Some of my favourite days are days spent wrapped up watching films and drinking a ridiculous amount of tea. I also love sleep, however I’m very aware I don’t get enough of it, I’ve found I don’t make it enough of a priority; even just going to my bedroom and relaxing before I go to sleep, instead I’ll stay downstairs watching tv shows I’m not actually interested in! So, going forward I’m actually going to start making sleep a priority.

I’ve invested in some new bedroom accessories, obviously necessary, to make my room that bit more inviting and really my own space to wind down and relax. jZM8TlSHQ4Sm2oJrDoNfjQ_thumb_bfe

I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful Victorian fireplace in my room, and have decorated the mantle to make it more of a focus piece and less of a ‘stuff shelf’. Candles have been my new love this year,  and have somehow brought so many my fireplace won’t be able to take anymore! These lovely fairy lights decorate the mantle just that extra bit too. I’m aware I’m still using the fireplace as a shelf, haha, but now it’s a very ascetically pleasing shelf and if ever I’m going to relax in my room I’ll light a few candles, turn on the lights and the room just has a really lovely glow.


Carrying on with fairy lights, I’ve got these two sets wrapped around my headboard that are a really nice yellow light. If I’m going to chill out at night with a book or watch The Crown (my new Netflix love) I’ll for sure turn both these lights on and snuggle on down in my covers.


I’ve also invested in some new fluffy pillows, I’m still on the hunt for a baby pink one, just to further my obsession, but for now these beauties will do. They are so comfy it’s ridiculous, great for snuggling down with.

I always love decorating my room with memories and just things I like the look of, so a little hanging wall was needed.



I like that none of these things match, which adds a different texture to the wall and I think it really reflects my personality; all the different things I love, from polaroids and photo booth printed pictures, to a canvas painting my sister did years ago to cards I’ve receied and framed photos of me and my loved ones. It’s really nice to look up and just see things that remind me of people I love.

This isn’t really a new thing but I needed to put it in here. This door hanger with massive intricate hearts is amazing and I just love it. I always need something on my door to hang coats and bags and this is just gorgeous. I love that it’s not just a boring stainless steel one, It’s got more than enough hooks for me and also looks really pretty, very Instagram worthy haha.


So that’s it, now I’m off to drink some tea and watch some of The Crown surrounded my fairy lights and fluffy pillows!

Thanks for popping my, abitofPeace x

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