you go girl

I am so unbelievably happy its finally spring! Except, here, in England the actual weather hasn’t quite caught up with the season, I’m already dressing for spring though, just praying it will be warm enough. I swear I walk down the street with a skirt, no tights and a pastel jacket and everyone else is wearing a coat with a massive scarf. I’m just too eager it would seem.

As I’m now starting to dress for warmer weather (let’s all hope the sun will finally start making a more permanent appearance!) T-shirts will be popping up more and more too. This Monki one I purchased last week is just perfect.


It’s a modern ringer T based on a retro style and I am obsessed. I know slogan T’s have been about for a while now but I’ve never gotten on board, theres just something I’m not keen on. HOWEVER, ‘You Go Girl’ is my best friends favourite phrase, she shortens it to ‘YGG’ all the time and I just have a really good feeling whenever I see it (lol, how sad). The lettering and the ribbing around the neck line and sleeves is a really vibrant red that really brightens up your outfit too. Plus, the lettering is this really soft, almost velvet fabric- very nice to stroke.



On Sunday, I had a pretty chill day out in London, just looking around and I managed to see some friends which was a plus. I wanted a comfy outfit but still wanted to look good, and, honesty I felt so casually cool all day long! The fit of the T is a bit baggy and slightly cropped which is ultimate comfort in my books. The top is 100% cotton too so its so soft and warm as well. I wore it tucked in to an A-line denim skirt, I felt really put together and confident in the look even though it’s so simple really. Throw on a waterfall jacket and some cool trainers and the masterpiece is complete. (side note I also got these beauties of Puma suede creepers with gold speckles- so comfy and they just look so.goddamn.good.)

Heres to all future comfort outfits looking and feeling this good!

Thanks for popping by, abitofPeace x


***Side note!! my Instagram was actually featured on the link for this top on the Monki website which is beyond amazing 😀



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