little black playsuit

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and for that I apologise, sometimes life just gets in the way and time disappears ya’know…

Anyway, let’s just get talking about this perfect little black playsuit, from hence forth known as LBP. I was on the hunt for a long sleeve playsuit, as I was going to a party where some falling over was likely to happen (spoiler I left with a sprained ankle) and everyone knows decency is kept in shorts…right? I spotted this absolute beauty on asos and knew it was the one.


The sheen on the fabric which gives it a satin-esque finish and the subtle all over jacquard pattern is just perfection and gives it a little nod to the fancier side of things which I enjoy. Perhaps my favourite little thing about this LBP though is the contrast floral piping around the hem and collar. I just love it. So. Much. We all know I love a bit of contrasting colour and this just did the trick for me, especially as the main colour my eyes focused on was baby pink!


For the night in question I wore this beauty with an oversized vintage Calvin Klein denim jacket which I think went pretty well and made the look a little more casual. Looking back the two darks made for a really vampy look too. I really liked how these two items of clothing went together; I was warm all night and felt really cool too.



I also love that I was only wearing two things and it as a whole outfit! Seriously, playsuits are just bloody brilliant you get a great top and bottom in one. And they’re usually so flattering on me too, which I find really hard usually when shopping for shorts. I wore my now standard black suede puma creepers with gold speckles. I’m 5’3 so like a little extra height help, but as the sprained ankle shows I’m not good with heels and this party was definitely not heel appropriate, the garden was a bit uneven really.

In the same online order I brought some more playsuits so keep an eye out for later outfit posts and instas (I think I may have a slight problem with buying clothes, don’t send help though…I like it)

Thanks for popping by abitofpeace x

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