current favs

It was my birthday a few weeks ago (which is where a few of these things have come from!!) and I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with brighter colours make-up wise, or just updating my go-to makeup so I thought I’d do a little update on my favourite beauty-esque things right now…


First up is this Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation. I still love my Skin Base but wanted something a bit more high coverage. And I love this Rich Liquid so much, the coverage is amazing, but its not cakey on your face at all. Ive had a real sweaty gym session and it hasn’t budged, honestly such a good base. I love the few Illamasqua products I’ve tried, and I love the brand too; never have a never will test on animals and they have such amazing anti-bullying campaigns too.


Ive gone a bit lighter with my hair in the last few months so I was on the look out for a new eyebrow pencil; need those brows to match haha! This GOSH pencil works a dream, I tried  a few others form NYX but couldn’t find a colour that worked properly. This one here, however, is perfect, glides on so smooth too, I’d give it a 10/10.

Keeping with make-up, this Revolution Pink Fizz eyeshadow pallet is so gorgeous its tricky deciding what colours to use. These powders all have such brilliant colour pay off and blend like a dream. Ive been loving using one block colour and just blending the edges endlessly lately. Affordable and beautiful, ill take it!


Now, we need something to keep everything in, right!? This SkinnyDip makeup bag is AMAZing. so spacious and so gorgeous. Somehow I can get my makeup and toiletries for a whole weekend in here, crazy. Also, who can say they aren’t obsessed with the peach emoji right now??


This Prada Candy perfume was one of my amazing birthday gifts and I love it so much! Ive never been a massive perfume gal, but this has always been a dream of mine to have. The scent is so sweet and delicious and lasts all day, what else can you ask from a perfume?? The bottle is so aesthetically pleasing too, I really really love it just sitting on my little dresser being all fancy and chic like.


Ive never owned a good set of straighteners before, just borrowed my sisters all the time! But since going shorter on top my hair needs some sort of styling on the daily, it kind just frizzes up otherwise :/ These lovely copper GHDs were also a birthday present (hey, if you can’t ask for expensive gifts on your birthday when can you…) and they have come in good use since that day. I think its so worth spending money on your hair too, I colour and now use heat on it so often I needed to ensure the tools I use won’t damage it anymore!


This last thing is not beauty related at all, but there all so pretty I had to include them. Basically, I’m obsessed with anything marble print, even going so extra to get a phone case with my initials on. No shame. Also, could you let me know what kind of a person would not want matching phone and laptop cases or a pink marble bed sheet set… because I’d like to steer clear of them please.


Thanks for popping by, abitofPeace x

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