girls night

So, everyone knows a red lip is always a must for girls night, and for me, a bit of velvet too.

For this night out I really wanted to dress up, haven’t done that in a while you know when you just want to dress to the nines?
I went with full head of curls, a bright red lip, smokey eye, bold jewellery and the ultimate luxe; gold velvet dress. My fav. I did it all. Some might say overkill, but I liked it, haha!


I went for gold jewellery, to match the dress. This full metal belt I love and really like how it cinches in my waist but because it’s not a fabric, it didnt seem to pull the fabric in any way.

fullsizeoutput_bb1I went for these costume-jewellery-esque earring and I laaavved them! I’ve never actually worn them before but they were so nice and really comfy, not heavy at all.


I was kind of sticking to a nudey colour theme (accidental) and these soft satin pink heels from newlook made the look! I’ve never worn wrap around heels before and these did not disappoint. I did do them up a bit too tight at some points making them uncomfortable, but that’s easily fixed so who minds about that. However they did come un done a few times, hence re doing them up to tight… I’m sure that’s just something I’ll get used to and hopefully finding a way of keeping them put! Anyway… they are beautiful and at the end of the day that’s really what matters, yeah?


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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