holy grails

Lately I’ve been loving the same style makeup day-to-day, and of course some solid holy grails are necessary for this. And it’s been a while since I spoke about my fav beauty products so here are a few of my holy grail products; things I use without fail every single day and always repurchase.

First things first is a good base, this Superdrug own moisturiser is heaven. No exaggeration. I love it so so much! It makes my face just feel so hydrated and soft and ready for the day, the formula is so creamy it pretty much feels like a butter which I absolutely love as well. The thick creaminess just makes it feel like pure luxury!!


Next, I love a good primer. Over the past year or so I’ve started using primer every day and now I wouldn’t turn back. I think it really preps the skin and makes it ready, also creating an extra barrier between heavy makeup and you’re skin. I love this Barry M colour correcting one. The green counteracts redness which I really appreciate and the formula feels really silky. This after the Superdrug moisturiser is my go to every day skin prep if you were…


Mascara is always my friend, it has been for years and I’ll always love it. Since those days at school with too much eyeliner and cheap collection2000 mascara I’ve always loved eye makeup. This gosh stuff is so good too. It really does what it says on the bottle which is partially why I buy it time and time again. How annoying it is when you buy a mascara marketed as this amazing wonder length, volume, everything magic for your eyelashes and it just doesn’t perform?!?? I love gosh as a brand in general and I think this is my favourite product of theres!


Now, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again I love Illamasqua. This one isn’t a particular product, I do use the two foundations everyday (not together lol… but that could be interesting) and I’ve played with the eyebrow gel (haven’t quite mastered it yet!) but the brand is now a staple for me. I love every product I’ve every tried of theirs and I love the ethos of the company more than anything. I really hope it continues to grow and more and more people start using in the public eye, we need to support brands like this; ones that care all the way through manufacture and even after πŸ™Œ



If anyone has any cruelty free favs I’d love to hear? I really wanna try some new things, especially a loose clear setting powder, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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