copper diy

Since moving in to my new London pad (hehe) I’ve been wanting to spice it up a bit and put my own twist on it. But, in a budget (London ain’t cheap!). And I am still riding this copper train, I just love it so much it’s a bit ridiculous.

One thing I alway love is decorating my walls, with photographs, prints, cards and little bits that just have good memories. I wanted to do something different this time than blue tack and a massive cork-board (I still have it but haven’t decided where to put it just yet). I’ve seen these wire memo boards/wall grids all over Pinterest but there all so expensive! I am not willing to spend £40+ on something to hands pictures on!

So… I did a little youtubing and DIY’d me a wire wall grid!

I brought some mesh wire from eBay (the kind used for animal hutches lol) some copper spray paint and some clear command hooks.



The spray paint I got is advertised to have ‘extreme grip’ and ‘high coverage’ so I didn’t bother sanding down the wire mesh with glass paper.

And I think it turned out okay! If I were being picky I would prefer something with thicker wires and some bigger gaps but for about £10 I’m not going to say no to this and I could always cut some holes bigger if I really wanted to! Plus the wire mesh came as a three pack, the possibilities are practically endless. I’m also planning on painting my walls white instead of cream and think the copper will pop a bit more in contrast.


I’ve attached it to the wall on all four corners with some clear command hooks, these have worked okay so far but I think anything heavier I would need loads more. Hopefully they keep. To hang stuff up I’ve used some little gold wooden pegs I had, I’ve ordered some more as this is all of them and obviously the board is not full yet!


I also wanted a copper wire basket to have on my little bed side table to store odd things I like near my bed; my kindle, some body butter and my Polaroid camera lives on the shelf too. I couldn’t find a copper basket I really liked for the right price, and I thought as long as I’m getting some spray paint it doesn’t matter the colour, right?

I brought this white, vintagy, mesh wire basket fromamazon and it’s really nice! (I forgot to take a before pic so this is the advertised one).Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 17.33.41img_5151.jpg

I really like how it came out, I think it looks really cool and chic. It holds all the things I want it too and that’s all I can really say about the basket, it’s quite simple.




Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x




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