Get ready…this is a long one

My beloved Skinbase ran out last week, I know, very sad! I am sure I’ll repurchase it though. However, I needed a quick replacement so I popped into Superdrug and found Sleek’s new Lifeproof Foundation and I am shocked!! I think I paid 8.99 and I was not disappointed at all.

The foundation is oil-free and marketed as medium to full coverage and even goes as far as to boast it is sweat-proof…now that is something I would love! I don’t really know what I expected from this foundation, I love all the other Sleek items I have (countless liquid lipsticks, highlighters…) and I think my love for this brand will only grow.

I thought I’d document how the foundation wears on my skin throughout the day, this particular day  I was wearing makeup for about 14 hours… it was a long one.

I do have really bad skin at the moment, especially on my chin, and a lot of redness in some areas. I think moving cities and my eating/exercising habits are a bit different so its all taking a knock on effect. I wasn’t expecting any foundation to cover all my redness and texture; I would need a really high coverage formula, some real patience and blending skills for that! However, I was so impressed with the coverage the foundation gives with just one layer, no concealer or anything else… a pretty good base I’d say, I think it really blends my skin together and I really like the mattifying effect it has too.


After I added all my other products I still love the way all my makeup sits on my face. I think the foundation is an excellent base and really does what is says on the tin. I found my other products blended easily on top and didn’t move it which was really cool.



My problem area’s throughout the day I would say are my nose and chin, they get a bit oily, which breaks and moves the foundation about, making the coverage not so good. However, after 14 hours working in hospitality and with no touch up all day long I think it held out (and continues to) so so well! Especially for less than a tenner! The majority of my face was still matte and felt nice to touch, the big massive spot on my chin came through but thats to be expected 😦



I do get dry patches though and on this day it wasn’t so bad, i’m hoping I don’t get a different result as the months get colder and the skin dryer, we’ll see..fingers crossed!

As a whole, the formula of the foundation I absolutely love, the price is great and it really does do what is advertised. I love Sleek as a brand and their stance on animal cruelty, I would really recommend trying this out.

However, there are a few things I would mention…it is very liquidy so the product does come out quick, meaning I end up using quite a lot when applying and the bottle gets dirty quickly. I think the price for this is perfect, but, because I end up using so much at a time I don’t think it will be cost effective in the long run I don’t really see it lasting much more than a month (if that) and my Skinbase lasted well over 6 months!!!! I also think I got the wrong shade which is v v annoying.. it might need to go to my sister, but thats my mistake. I’m planning on looking at another Superdrug to see if they have another shade as the one near me only stocks a few.

Cool, well, thats my first review done! I hope you like it, I just really wanted to share this foundation with some people; I am so impressed! Let me know of any other great cruelty free foundations I should try… I really want the Tarte Amazonian Clay but I’m not sure where to get it in the UK…


Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x


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