classic red

This week, I’ve set myself the task of writing a post a day; with some affordable, cruelty free indulgences I either use or do regularly, or every now and again.

Annoyingly I haven’t posted for two weeks again! It’s so frustrating, but I fell in the trap of thinking I needed to purchase something new to write about! And, as everyone knows London is pretty damn expensive so I am currently a bit short on the old cash front… but I realised thats just stupid and I’ve got so many things I love and would enjoy sharing!

To start off, it’s nail varnish… now, I know Sally Hansen isn’t the cheapest out there, at around £7 a bottle its just so much more than some other drug store brands. However, I really think the quality you get is so much better. I have so many Barry M, Collection, Models Own (the list really does go on) and I just don’t use them because the formula doesn’t last more than a day, I honestly would never go back.


I have a few Sally Hansen now and I really do think they are worth the price tag. This colour, ‘All Fired Up’ is a particular fav. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a classic red (coincidentally the orange undertones also match my fav red lippy). I love the longevity of this nail varnish, and that’s something I really look for; working in hospitality, and constantly washing up, it takes a toll on my nails. I try and use a bottom coat, I love a ‘hard as nails’ or equivalent as my nails flake (gross) a bit which then leads to more chipping and its juts a disaster really. Not to sound dramatic or anything. And, then, to finish (and this is if I’m going for a really dramatic look) I’ll add an extra layer of ‘Miracle Gel top coat’ which basically makes it thicker and glossier. Always a good thing in my eyes, but definitely not necessary.

For me, personally, I love being able to take the time out and do something that makes me feel better, a bit more out together and nail varnish really does that. I feel it can really make me feel a bit more confident, make me look a bit more presentable, a bit more fancy (and really thats my main aim haha). So, to some nail varnish may not seem like an indulgence but I like to see it as one. Especially when it’s as shiny as this and matched with some gold accessories…see my insta for proof!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x


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