Face masks are one of my all time pamper loves. Fact. I love taking the time out of my day or week to put one on, relax a little and feel oh-so-beauty-goddess.


This one here is charcoal based, hence the colour. I love love all of the goodness charcoal has and all of the miraculous health benefits. I’ve completely brought into it and now own face washes, nose strips and even a charcoal toothpaste! Haha!

After using this particular mask I truly feel my face is cleansed and it goes so smooth it’s ridiculous. Now, for a product like this I’d expect something a bit more pricey, but this is actually only a few quid! I get mine from Savers (cheap beauty shop) but I think its sold at a few places on the British high street. I’ve re-brought this particular product a few times, and really think it’s worth those few pounds!
The instructions say to leave it on 10-15 mins but I just have a sit down sometimes and leave it on for as long as possible. You know when it’s so dry it hurts to move your face? Yeah that’s what I like, haha! And after, when I wash it off my face feels free and clean and beautiful! I just love it!

For me, face masks are indulgent as I don’t do them every day; theres really no time for that, I’m beyond jealous of people that have time for daily face masks or regular facials! What a life.

I hope you’ve found this interesting and would try out this cheap Charcoal Clay Mask!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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