old fashioned

So, here’s my final cheap, indulgent post of the week and boy is it indulgent!

Since moving to London, I’ve been drinking quite a few Old Fashioned’s… you know, those bourbon based cocktails. And, in my humble opinion, I have perfected a maple syrup based recipe. Well, recipe is used lightly here; I follow the basics of Bourbon, Angostura bitters and then just pour some syrup in. Simple and delicious.
Contrary to what this may lead you to believe, I am not a whiskey lover. I’m actually not fond of it all that much, I’ve tried to like it on many occasions and a good Old Fashioned is how I am learning. I do think the main reason I like this maple syrup version is because you can literally just taste the sugar, and I am so fine with that! Satisfies my sweet tooth perfectly.

I’m including this in my cheap indulgent week because, well, obviously this is as indulgent as you can get when just having a casual drink at home, and the majority of the products I use are from Aldi/Lidl. The bitter I’m pretty sure you can only get from bigger supermarkets or off-licenses, and is a standard £10 and I think this bottle of bourbon might’ve been around £10 too, and then the syrup wouldn’t have been more than a few pounds. So, all together no more than £25. That may seem like a lot, but the bitters last so so long it’s basically an investment and £10 for a whiskey is cheap! You’re crazy if you think not! The only downside, however, is, I enjoy this drink so much I can just knock it back without realising and go back for more and more… gets a bit messy after a while! haha!

I encourage anyone to try this drink, it is so simple and yummy, you will not be sorry!


And I’ve done it! my five cheap, indulgent, cruelty free posts are all out and I am happy with each one! Without spending a penny extra than I usually would in my week. I think I’ll do another blog a day one week soon, I’ve enjoyed the challenge!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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