glam till you drop

I’m a day late for halloween I know, but I like posting mid-week!

I love dressing up for halloween, so much so that a part of me feels like I celebrate more as an adult(ish) than I did as a child! I like my look to have a shock factor and make people double back, but the lazy girl in me always comes through so I usually opt for crazy/scary makeup and a nice outfit, haha! A few years back I went as like a sort of dead girl; major messy hair, hollowed out cheeks and white contact lenses- these were totally the pièce de résistance I’ll be honest with you. So this year I really wanted to try my hand at the old half skull/ half glam makeup look and you can tell I really did try!


And…. I am genuinely so impressed with myself for how this turned out; both the skull side and the glam makeup side! I did probably spend a good hour doing the skull, continuously going back and back through Jamie Genevieve’s youtube vid from a few years back. I was shocked at how well it all lasted throughout the night too; we had a party at the flat so I was up for a good few hours and subsequently the makeup was on for a while too!

I decided to use actually make-up for the night, I brought some poundland stuff a few days in advance to try and practice but it was just crap and irritated my skin and there wasn’t anywhere else near-by to purchase anything else, so an emergency superdrug.


I went with the Nip+fab makeup forever foundation in white and got the Elf cream eyeliner in black. I already had the other stuff I used in stock, so not too bad really.

The foundation went on like an absolute dream! I used a few layers as I really wanted to be as white as possible on the skull side. I was really pleasantly surprised at how much coverage you actually got from a white foundation, I was expecting it be a bit more see through and patchy, but this nip+fab gets top marks from me, Ill be probably be spending more of my hard earned cash on this brand!

The Elf eyeliner was really good too, but I kind of feel like most cream/gel eyeliners are similar nowadays. I also used a mixture of a Models Own black kohl, a Seventeen felt tip eyeliner and a Soap and Glory superset skinny eyeliner. I swapped them around depending on the thickness of the line I wanted and how black I wanted the line/area to be… basically just copied Jamie really, I’ll leave the link to the video anyone is interested, its really great!


P.s. the makeup I used on my ‘glam’ side was just my normal everyday, plus some extra shimmery eyeshadows from my fav ‘I heart eyeshadow’ palette and a dark red Sleek liquid lip.

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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