pink for days

Ever just get bored of your hair? Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I love my hair but after a while I just fancy a change… and this is where BleachLondon comes in!

One of my friends used to use BleachLondon regularly, so I was already aware of the brand but had never used anything myself. As we all know, I have been majorly loving pink lately…like maybe a little too much. If thats possible?! So, pink it was. I wanted to be a bit pastely but also wanted to experiment with a darker colour, as I’d never used it before and wanted to see the results. Obviously results vary on different hair and I was curious as to how mine would react…and…


It was so pink!! I used ‘The big pink’ on the bottom layer of my hair and then mixed it with a bit of ‘Rosé’ on the top layer for a bit more dimension.


One of the reasons I knew I wanted to use BleachLondon was because it washes out gradually and is not damaging on your hair at all! That was something very important to me, obviously with bleached ends I try to protect it as much as possible now, I want beautiful, healthy hair not brittle, dry straw! after a few washes my hair faded to beautiful pastel pinks and even a little peachy in places… which I have to admit I did prefer. So, beautiful peach locks are definitely on the way and I could not be more excited about it!!

Another reason I went with BleachLondon is the brands amazing stance on animal cruelty and environmental sustainability. Amazingly, by 2017 everyone of BleachLondon products are completely vegan and they have a complete animal cruelty free ethos across the whole company!! Not only that, but all the cardboard packaging they use is recycled and hopefully the plastic they use will be too by the end of this year! So, basically I am just a lover of BleachLondon and am 100% going to purchase from this brand again…next up some ‘Awkward Peach’ then maybe some new eyeshadows, highlighter, brushes…I don’t know, the possibilities are endless really and I bloody love it!!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x






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