denim days

If you know me, I never wear trousers, its always skirts and dresses. Which is nice, I’m just not comfortable wearing trousers. But then I got to thinking, what is my actual issue, why aren’t I comfortable? Surely, at 23, I should feel okay wearing what I want. I’ve decided the best way to tackle this… is to just start wearing them!

And! I think I found my perfect jean in this pair from Stradvarius!! If you didn’t know, Stradivarius is a cool little shop (duh) selling super nice clothes at really reasonable prices! I seriously like everything they stock and none of it seems to be an atrocious amount of money! They also do ‘super high waist’ jeans which is just an A+ all around basically. These bad boys I’m talking about were just £26! As I’m just easing myself into the Land of Jeans I didn’t want to fork out a heap of moneys on something I may only wear a few times, so £26 definitely didn’t seem bad to me!


I decided to go with a pair of ‘Mom’ jeans, I wore skinny’s all my teen years pretty much and actually brought a pair of cheap black skinny’s last year from Primark but I just stopped wearing them, didn’t feel too comfortable in them honestly. So, I thought a bit baggier would maybe be better. And I bloody love ‘em! They are so comfy, and I love that you can actually wear them casual or dress them up (already done that at my works Christmas do). I have to say, the waist is a little big on me but the legs fit well and that’s something I’ve found when I’ve tried on most trousers, and some skirts too. I’m alright with an old sewing needle too so if it becomes an actual issue I can just take them in, no biggie.

Anyway, here’s my take on purchasing a pair of jeans in the 21st century as a 23 year old woman! Bit slow on the mark but there you go, haha!


Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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