I’m from a massive family (seriously I’ve got 4 siblings) and I bloody love it! My siblings and I all get along so well (especially now were all basically adults) its always great when were together. And, all of us hadn’t been together properly since August! So this christmas time was well deserved for us all I reckon.

After spending time back at home with everyone, seeing extended family and friends, you really appreciate the people in your life. Well, I do. I love that all these people are just a train journey away, even though I’ve moved, my sisters at uni away from home, everyone has their own lives we all come back together and love each other and its just great. I’ve also found it was great to get away from the city a bit… although this christmas period has not felt relaxing in the slightest, as an adult the festive season really does change. But, it was good to be home.
I’ve found the last few days I’ve been reflective of my life and the last year. So much has changed thinking about it! The major one being my move to The Big Smoke, obvs, but I’ve also started this blog, passed my driving test, found a love of exercise… okay maybe these aren’t achievements in everyones eyes, but I’m proud of them! I’m going to continue thinking about achievements and goals, have a think about what I want my 2018 to look like… god I feel like a proper adult. Scary. I am so thankful that even with all these changes and the hectic lives everyone seems to lead we can all come back together for a few days and enjoy those moments.


I’ll always miss my family and friends back in Birmingham but I have to say, I am glad to be back in London, I’ve grown accustomed to this flat and this life…. sometimes growing up isn’t so bad.

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

6 thoughts on “family

  1. This piece on family resonates with me. I have eight siblings and we get on like a house on fire when we are together. It makes the best memories for us until we can all come together again. Thanks for putting it into words. I enjoyed this post.

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    1. thank you so much!! I always think of my siblings and friends I couldn’t choose…but always the best of friends haha! I can’t imagine having 8 siblings though, that tustve been hectic growing up


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