Personally, New Years has never been a massive thing for me, I enjoy the night but going hard or having a quite one doesn’t usually bother me…. however! With a balcony with the London Eye in view, not having a celebration would have been a crime, right???

The plan was to dress all fancy, drink whiskey and have a reasonably civilised night, sounds great, right? The night didn’t go quite accordingly, if my memory is correct it wasn’t all that civilised. I mean nothing major happened, my head the next morning would just say otherwise.

So, outfit wise, I couldn’t find anything too fancy in my wardrobe, but a bit of velvet makes anything fancy…. correct!

DSC_0992 copyThis black velvet off the shoulder top has served me well in the last year, I pull it out whenever possible basically haha! Its an ASOS own and always serves as a dream. However, I’ve decided I would love it even more if it was a body suit, it does rise a bit as the night goes on.

I paired it with my black mini skirt from Primark, it is quite casual but an all black outfit I find is quite chic really.

DSC_0993 copy

To split it up though, and attempt at adding a little but of fancy-pansy to my outfit I wore my gold metal belt… a bit of shine never hurt anyone.

Now, I know my outfit was a bit plain, but my makeup was nothing but! I got some BleachLondon eyeshadows for christmas and put those bad boys to use!!


I used some peach and darker pinks all blended together and out for a sort out sun-set-sky effect. Added loads of the golden glitter and bam! Very simple to apply but so effective, I also highlighter mybones and shoulders…. oooh I felt like a walking disco ball haha shining my way into 2018!


My face makeup was pretty basic, heavy brows though haha, and a nude lipstick to let my eyes do the talking.

I hope you had a wonderful time bringing in 2018 whatever you were doing and this year is the best yet!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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