colourful eyes

I’ve spoken (written) about Bleach London before, but boy has my love grown since!

I got a few of their single eye shadows, a glitterati and some single highlights for Christmas and I’m contemplating throwing out all my other eyeshadows!?!? Obviously I won’t, what a waste. Lol. But seriously, Bleach London has upped the game.. the fallout is practically none existent on my face, the colours I have blend ridiculously easy and my good god that gold glitter! Shines like nobody’s business!

The colours I chose for Christmas are all quite bright; pinky, peachy that kind of vibe. I wanted to stay away from the browns and neutrals as I have a substantial amount of those and I’m so loving wearing those colours whenever I can. Especially in this cold, dark time. A pop of colour just brightens my day! I also go wild, adding in a bright lip; just can’t get enough of the colour on my face it seems!

The majority of my eye looks lately have been with these 4 colours, especially christmas/newyear I added so much glitter… see insta (@abitofpeacee) for proof! I know I’m going to invest in more colours, experiment a bit more and also get some of those ever loved neutrals; these shadows seriously blend so well.


These highlights are mighty fine also! They can really pop in the light. I find the shimmer gives a bit more of a ‘natural’ glow than others, but they build up to that blinding-ness we all love so fast. The glitters and highlights I’ve seen from Bleach London I love because they aren’t just one colour, they seem to be slightly iridescent, so reflect more colours back… ahh heaven!


And, as such an amazing company; cruelty free, every single product is even vegan, and eco-friendly packaging, I think investing in this brand is just a great thing all around. Supporting amazing companies that show it is possible to create products at a reasonable price that aren’t tested on animals and even tries to save our planet… can we really ask for much more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, turned out to be a bit of a ramble hope you don’t mind! And I’d seriously check out Bleach London if you haven’t yet!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

4 thoughts on “colourful eyes

  1. I recently tried a few of their eye shadows, it shocked me how pigmented the glitter shadows are. Legit glitter comes out and sticks to the eye lid without glue! I want to try their lip kits, great post🌟


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