cruelty free

For todays post I thought I’d write about something I’ve written about many-a-time but not in makeup form… easy ways to stay cruelty free at home.

I feel like people are more and more aware about animal testing and buying from cruelty free beauty brands, however I don’t know how many people actually look at what they buy for house-y stuff or just don’t realise the product would’ve been tested. AND its actually so easy to buy cruelty free stuff for cheap.

So, by home stuff I mean like, washing detergent, fabric conditioners, deodorant etc. and my first port-of-call is actually Tesco. I like to get all my clothes products from their own brand as I know none of it has been tested on animals; theres even a disclaimer on their products like ‘This product has not been tested on animals. We fund research into alternatives.’ Which is just fab! If anyones interested I like the non-bio detergent (hey sensitive skin) and the blue fresh fabric conditioner, it smells sooo nice. Theres also a nice little price tag attached to these items, I dont even pay £2 for either of these in the largest sizes.

The next place I go for any bits I need but may be tested, is Superdrug. Hands down my favourite high street shop. above any clothing shop or other beauty shop, easy. A few staples I get from Superdrug are deodorant, face wipes, baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes and even their own brand hair removal cream (honestly its the best I’ve tried, especially the sensitive one). I also get any little bits like cotton wool pads/buds, sanitary items and usually I get hair dye from superdrug’s own range too.

I’ve always favoured superdrug as I know the brand/company is against and also funds for alternative research. Again, the price of these items never hurt either! It’s great knowing I can get the things I need at a reasonable price, they work really really well and don’t harm any little creatures! I know Boot’s own line of beauty bits is also animal friendly, again fab.

In fact, I actually think the majority of British high-street brands don’t test products. It is against EU law to test products and to sell/market products that have been tested on animals. However, some ingredients are still tested and some companies still test elsewhere in the world, and then by buying those products its a cycle of supporting animal cruelty and it goes on and on and on. Basically, buying high street brands often means cheaper (not worse) AND animal friendly products!

Sorry this post has been about a pretty boring subject, but, to me its so important to support brands that don’t test their products on animals, and even better FUND alternative research! What could be better, aye!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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