hey, stud

I’ve realised I haven’t done many fashion-y posts recently, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to up those! I’ve already got the next few lined up…

To start things off; these boots. And honestly, aren’t they a thing of beauty?! They are a pair of leather, studded chelsea boots by Hudson London.




I think they’re fab!!! Also, managed to get them half price on ASOS, I paid £62 reduced from £150 (looking back they’ve gone up to £78!!!) For me, paying £60odd on a pair of shoes is a lot of money and I really wouldn’t normally do this, however they are made of real leather so I feel confident they will last. I have also been looking for a pair of gorgeous boots that I can wear in the day time, with a casual outfit, but also wear them out to a bar or a restaurant for something a bit more glam, I think these may be it!!! So, for something I’ve been looking for for ages and a quality brand I reckon £62 is alright.

I wanted to say (as I know it can be a bit contradictory if you will) that I often speak about how important cruelty free beauty and life products to me, but I am not vegan, or vegetarian and actually prefer to buy real leather shoes if I can. I think the quality is just always so much better and they will last for so much longer. Every shoe I buy I sort of see as an investment too (lol)- my feet aren’t gonna grow anymore (fingers crossed)!!

But honestly these boots are just a thing of beauty, the studded detail on the front I love so much, the studs are quite muted which I really like, makes them a bit more chic lol. I really really like the two inch heel too, I’ve got a few pairs of heeled black boots now but they’re just too high to wear all day, as pretty as they are!


Surprisingly for me, I like the little pointy-ness of these boots too! I’ve never owned pointed shoes before, as a rule I don’t like them on myself but maybe I’m turning a new leaf…

All in all I think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of these bad boys and you’ll be sure to see them plenty on my insta feed (@abitofpeacee *coughcough*) So happy with them you’ve no idea!!!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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