pack light

I’m going on a mini adventure this Thursday (tomorrow morning after posting this!!!) to Barcelona and I could not be more excited. We’ve gone with taking only hand luggage as were only away for 4 days but let me tell you it’s been a worry thinking about packing! I’ve come up with a few tricks and tips of how to pack nice clothes and still keep it light so thought I’d share..

Right, so planning outfits it my number one tip. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been thinking about what outfits to take since we booked the trip! I wanna look AbFab hehe!! Ive brought a few new dresses to take that I think look nice during the day and I can dress up slightly for dinners and drinks in the evenings so I don’t need to pack two outfits for one day. I’m also taking my fab baby pink trousers (see insta for pics) and just a change of top to take the outfit from casual-explorer to classy-cocktail-drinker! I’m also going to pack my outfits together so it’s easier to see what I’ve brought and I literally don’t need to think about anything while dressing.

Another little tip I’m doing (sure it’s been done before though ha!) is to wear all my heaviest things on the plane! So, I’m wearing some boots to travel in and packing light comfy trainers, wearing my jumpers there (not so secret but planes are bloody freezing so ima wear two jumpers lol- warm and extra room in my bag!)

Liquids is where it’s been a bit tricky for me packing wise… I’m only taking essential makeup bits liquid wise really, just foundation, concealer and primer. With body beauty bits I got empty plastic pots and containers to decant my fav bits, like shampoo, conditioner and my moisturiser. Top tip, this is way cheaper than buying mini products and easier to re-use in my opinion! Pro tip if you’ve got a few extra liquids to fit in your own carry on… get a boyfriend that won’t be needing his full liquid allowance and just share with him, that’s really come in helpful ha!

There we go, a few things that have helped me pack concisely for this trip away! I am so excited!!! Make sure your following me on insta to see these outfits, I’m making my boyf my personal photographer for the weekend hehe


Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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