If you follow me on insta (@abitofpeacee), you’ll have seen I went to barcelona last week!! And boy was it amazing 😀 bloody loved it, I did!! So, this week I thought I’d write about a few of my favourite things, not all, that would just be the city…plain and simple, but a few of my very top highlights.

Starting with the architecture!! Oh my goodness it was unreal. The beautiful architecture and amount of detail in almost every building you walk past is crazy! I swear it was one of the first things we notices stepping of that metro in the city. The Gothic architecture all around the city is truly astonishing and something I’ll never forget. Walking around the Gothic Quarter was the best for this (kinda in the name, right?) honestly, that Cathedral is just stupid beautiful. Detailing is one thing I love about old buildings; even walking around some towns and cities in England if you look up or just around you’ll see so much beauty in the older building (these new builds are lost on me tbh). Here’s a few pics of stunning architecture you can expect to see on any street at any time!

The food!! After spending some time in Australia a few years back, my love of seafood seriously grew and I don’t think its going anywhere soon! Honestly there’s not much better than some delicious fresh seafood and Barcelona was full to the brim! We had seafood Paella, some little scallops and whole fish. Even walking through the food market the crabs still moved: that fresh!!! mmmmm….


The Sagrada Familia, if you didn’t know is a massive and very very beautiful church that started being built over 130 years ago with a planned finish of 2026!!! Its no wonder when you walk around and inside, theres a museum and gallery of all the different designs downstairs detailing how many changes were made with different architects, how the styles differ and the significance of the layout for spiritual reasons. The outside of the church is so ornate with walls and towers dedicated to the sacred family and the most amazing carvings and statues re-telling biblical stories. My favourite bit about the church however, is the stained glass windows. Honestly, walking in was breathtaking, the glass windows have been designed with darker colours at the bottom, fading to lighter and then clear glass towards the top, and the way the light enters the church is so wonderful.

My last highlight of this trips is pretty soppy and gross, but it was so dreamy to spend time with my boy. We do long distance and I don’t find it easy, so I really appreciate when we can spend long-er periods of time together. It’s cool getting to explore cool places with people you love. (lol at our kinda messy hotel room)


Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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