After celebrating International Womens Day this week I wanted to take today to write about why I love all the amazing women I have in my life.

No matter where I am I always seem to be surrounded by such strong and loving women and I honestly could not love it any more. I have women in my family that have over come so much mentally and I find it truly inspiring. I have even just started a new job and am in awe with one of my managers who goes above and beyond to help others and be involved in countless charities and help others in need. My sisters have taken what life has thrown at them and over come all of it as best they can. They learn and push themselves and always have time for everyone else. My mom has gone through some awful things and still smiles every day and teaches me constantly what it is to be kind.

On Thursday, I loved seeing so many women celebrating women around the world but also themselves. Recently lifting girls up and supporting other girls has become something to strive for everyday but I think it’s so lovely and important to have one day for females to be happy and proud about being a girl and it was celebrated openly by anyone and everyone. I also really loved how inclusive this International Womens Day was; my timeline was full of post’s dedicated to all women from around the world; women of colour and different races, trans women, underprivileged women and girls that don’t always get noticed or have a voice. I think that is so beautiful and I’m so glad inclusion is something that was also celebrated this week. I hope it continues for ever and ever and women around the world get celebrated and praised for all they do.


Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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