Today I got some super exciting new skin care and wanted to share it straight away!

So, last week I used some of my sisters Lactic Acid 10% solution and really really loved it, I was searching for my own to get (I would’ve just got the same as my sister but she wasn’t too impressed with the customer service after purchasing) and came across The Ordinary. I’ve heard of The Ordinary quite a few times but have never actually looked into the brand myself. Obviously it was important for the product to be cruelty free, and all of The Ordinary’s formulas are vegan and cruelty free. Another strong point is most, if not all, of their products are less than a tenner- literally just so fab! Both of the things I brought today added to only £10 together!!

Recently my skin hasn’t been the worst it’s ever been but is definitely not good and I’m really getting fed up with break outs and redness. Honestly I just dream of having nice skin. So, I’m going to focus more on skin care and actually put some more attention into looking after my face. After using my sisters Lactic Acid last weekend I noticed a difference even after one use, Im really hoping this stuff works! I have great expectations. I plan on using the Lactic Acid all over maybe three/four times a week  and The Salicylic Acid once or twice a week to start off with on specific spotty areas. I have also started using night cream. Shock. Horror. Going to be honest I haven’t used it every night but I have for the most of last week and seriously dont know why I havn’t before. My skin was screaming for some extra hydration! I feel like because both of these acids are exfoliating, I should also focus on hydrating my skin at the same time. I’m still using my beloved Superdrug Vitamin E range… my goodness I bloody love it. I’ve also moved on to the day cream with spf, because thats just a basic necessity and I was being silly not using it before! IMG_1026

I popped down to Shoreditch Box Park as I knew there was a whole shop dedicate to The Ordinary and a few of the products I wanted were sold out online, I was hoping they would be stocked in an actual shop. Luckily, the Salicylic Acid I wanted they had in stock but the toner I was after was sold out. However, after speaking to a guy working there, he informed me that particular toner would’ve been too much to use along side both the Lactic and Salicylic Acid so I’m really glad I went and spoke to an actual person. I wanted a toner to use before the acids to re-set the ph levels in my skin but because The Ordinary one has some acid in too it would’ve just been too harsh. In the end I haven’t brought a toner and am just going to be super careful and if I find I need one i’ll invest in a week or two.


Ahhhh! I’m so excited about all this stuff and just treating my skin really well and hopefully reaping the rewards! hehe! I’ll do an updated post in a month and carry on updating this blog to see how I get along with these products I think it should be quite interesting.

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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