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If you follow my instagram (@abitofpeacee) you’ll have seen my new beautiful blazer from Bershka. And, let me tell you I am in love with it. It is my new spring jacket (just have to think a little more about what colours I can wear with it so its not a total clash) and maybe my best yet. Ugh it just fits so well, finishes at the right place and the orange streaks are so so nice. Also, I’ve never owned anything made from linen before and think I might just carry on investing is this fabric of dreams.


Along with my beautiful, grown up blazer I purchased the pretty little ribbed, white T with a bright trim. Oooooo it’s so nice!! Fits really well and is really flattering, to be honest I think anything made with a ribbed fabric is really flattering.


I also got this lovely layered gold necklace. I absolutely love the look of layered jewellery but can never find the right separate necklaces that fall at the right lengths. I love that this one has a chocker-y first one and then they gradually get really low… I am dreaming of wearing this necklace with a v-neck top in the summer and feeling well fancy (also a bit trashy but I love it lol)

Before these items I had never brought anything from Bershka and I am a total covert; its well priced, the quality of my products are great and they look cool AF!! I got these things online and the website is super user-friendly as well. I really appreciate this and just hate it when you can’t refine the search properly or sold out items carry on appearing as you have a little scroll (oh the troubles haha).

Well, thats that for todays post, if you’ve never shopped at Bershka before I would highly highly recommend, big fan over here!


Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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