Lately, Ive been absolutely loving my hair! I’ve really started paying more attention to the products I use and thought I’d share my new fav hair-care brand!

I’ve had the ends of my hair bleached to try and make them as white as possible, and use Fudges purple shampoo every now and again to keep it pale. (I’ve done a previous post expressing disappointment with Fudge but ive completely changed my mind! I think it didn’t work that great on my hair before as I’d never used bleach only light blonde dyes. I do have to leave it on for a lot longer than some other people but I can deal with that.) So, because my hair is bleached I want to keep it as hydrated as possible, to try and keep it feeling and looking healthy after ruining it ever-so-slightly. I’ve found BedHead products have worked great for this! Started with the Level 3 Resurrection shampoo and conditioner for truly damaged hair (my housemate brought these after bleaching hers a few times and we decided to share lol). I bloody love these two! We’ve still got some of the shampoo left (seriously, when will companies just make bigger conditioner??!?!) and I love the consistency and how soft it makes my hair. There is a bit of an overwhelmingly fake-sweet smell but I got used to it pretty quick and now kinda like it haha, a bit like parma-violets but stronger.


A few weeks ago I got the Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner to replace the Resurrection ones, thought I would try them out and compare. We’ve only started the conditioner and it is so thick its great. A little tricky to get out the bottle as it is so thick but works wonders. Because its so thick it feels like I’m using an intense conditioning treatment each time I use it! There also only a slight smell with this one, it’s a bit fruity and just nice really. I have to say I was enjoying the Resurrection conditioner slightly though, if i had to choose that would win.

Before applying any heat to my hair I always use my heat protection spray from Superdrug. I think it works really well, my hair hasn’t burnt off yet! After I finish this thought I think I’ll test out the BedHead heat protector, see if I like it any better. The bottle lasts me so long though, I’ve had this one for months!

Something that is so important to me is not using products that have been tested on animals. Luckily BedHead does not test any of their products on animals, and they try to ensure not of the ingredients use are tested before hand. However, the brand is owned by Unilever which makes it a tricky one. I still think its okay to support BedHead and TIGI, I buy NYX still even though that brand is owned by Unilever too. I just have to believe what Unilever says about trying to get away from animal testing is true and I feel a bit better. And also, showing support to their companies that do not test finished products or ingredients surely shows there is a demand for cruelty free products in the market.

Slight side note there, but anyway I’ve been loving my silky smooth bouncy hair lately and I think its down to these BedHead products keeping my bleached, damaged hair hydrated and happy!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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