skin care

For the past few months I’ve been on a big old skin-care train. For my adult life i’ve never been happy with my skin, breaking out quite regularly, especially around my chin (hello hormones, thank you very much) and I’ve mostly put it down to hormonal contraception. Which has hugely effected my skin it’s v true and v sad. I am still taking hormonal contraception but switched to a mini pill so much less hormones and I’ve seen a huge difference over the last year. However, the time came when I can’t just blame my unhappy skin on hormones and expect it to magically clear up on its own.

I know my skin at the moment isn’t perfect, this is an in-bweteen update, hehe. But I am so much happier than I was, still getting small break outs but the spots heal so much quicker. An I’m sure trying to clear skin isn’t a quick fix, I want long term results, so I’m in it for the long run.

Mid-March I invested in some of The Ordinary skin care and it has made such a difference! I especially love The Salicylic Acid, It’s really helped in re-ducing the redness around my problem areas, and the skin where the spots were recovers so much better. I used to have marks left over for weeks after spots but now the redness and scarring goes in a few days! I’m so happy about this!!


I’ve always been a huge fan of exfoliating face scrubs and would use one morning and night, however, after starting to use two exfoliating solutions (Lactic acid and Salicylic acid (both The Ordinary and I use both every week)) I figured thats a bit too much exfoliation for one face! I want to clean my skin but not damage it.

So, a few weeks ago I got this Superdrug own Micellar Water and bloody love it! I’ve been looking at a few more expensive cleansers on BeautyBay but wanted to try a more affordable one first to see if the cleanser got on with my skin. I’ve tried a few toners and cleansers that have actually made me break out uncontrollably before so I was a bit cautious. Honestly its a game changer, don’t know why I didn’t jump on the Micellar Water band wagon ages ago!

So… here’s my skin looking a lot happier but not as happy as I would like. I am so happy with how these few, very affordable, high street products have helped me and am really happy to see what else I can do to clear it up for good. I want to say, the first two pictures are from the end of March, the second set of pictures are from mid April and the last two are from last weekend! I still have redness and marks left over from previous spots but they are fading, and I have a lot less active spots which is the best. V happy. Hope this is helpful to anyone!



Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x


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