Today is my 24th birthday! woooo! I’m genuinely really excited, have some really cool plans and really cool people to see! I’m also happy to be turning 24, I feel like its a well-rounded age, it’s nice to say and I feel like its a real-adult age…haha.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about goals! I’ve never really been one for setting goals, just kind of roll with whatever I’m doing and hope for the best. However, 3-4 months ago I started back at the gym in London (I’ve loved gyming for ages really, just end up going through cycles of going and not going, not making any real progress but enjoying it none-the-less) and started squatting and deadlifting properly! I’ve never been a member of a gym with as many squat racks and I bloody love it. I’ve wanted to get into squatting and really build up some proper strength but have never had the right equipment at hand. I digress. So, I started squatting and challenging myself in the gym, and decided to set myself a goal of being able to squat my own body weight on a bar by my birthday. Not as a one rep max, but for 3-5 reps, a set… and I’ve only just done it!!! Last month I had three weeks off squatting and lifting anything really heavy as my knee was feeling a bit dodge and I didn’t want to cause any permanent damage. But I got back to the bar with a Dr’s say so, and was so pleasantly surprised I hadn’t lost any real strength!

It’s safe to say I am so proud of myself for this, and I’m sure I’m going to carry on pushing myself and trying to squat as heavy as I can… this bottom ain’t gonna grow itself haha!

I’ve also decided to start setting myself goals more regularly, nothing major, but things to strive for and looking forward to reaching! Some goals that are trackable and have definitive ends and others that are ways I want to grow, learn and chance as a person

Here’s a few of those goals I’m setting for my 24th year,

  • to continue learning how to love myself
  • to be kinder to my body and appreciate all the things I can do (for example squatting 60kg is a bloody massive achievement and I’m so proud of my body)
  • to learn something new…I’m not sure what yet but I want to start learning new subjects
  • to travel more and see as much of Europe as I can (funnily enough I’ve been all the way to Australia and only mainland Europe 3 or 4 times!!)
  • to be more financially stable and gather a few savings for my future
  • to be happy!


Thank for popping by, abitofpeace x



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