current favs

This week I thought I’d write about a few beauty and style items that I’ve been absolutely loving recently. 

Starting with fashion because… why not. 

I have absolutely been loving square neck lines on tops and dresses! I think a square neck is so flattering and easy to wear. I’ve been enjoying wearing simple but really really nice items of clothes lately, this white tops from new look is just that. It’s this scrunched up shirred fabric (which I am obsessed with) and so simple yet statement at the same time. I’ve teamed both just with a simple skirt or jeans and, in my opinion the outfits are preeettty nice.


A dress thats been featured (and will definitely continue to pop up) on my insta (@abitofpeacee) is this polka dot dress from Nobody’s Child. Honestly its such a simple silhouette but the polka dots make it such a statement piece, its also super comfy and affordable, Nobody’s Child is my summer shop go-to 


Now makeup, I haven’t really purchased many new things lately, but I’ve been playing around with things I already have. Especially these two highlighters from LondonBleach. I sort of fall into using my Sleek highlight pallet and forgetting about the other beautiful shimmery things I have in my drawer! I pulled these out recently for my big 2-4 birthday bash (went all out with the sequins and glitter hehe) and have not looked back! Honestly they are both so beautiful, I especially love the golden shade. I really like gold highlights on my skin tone. And these two have quite big chunky glitter bits which I really appreciate! (Golden Shower and Rosé are the Legal Highlights featured)


For my birthday, I got a makeup bag full of mini Benefit products, and this two tone lipstick is an absolute dream! So creamy and easy to apply. I really love how the two colours complement each other so well, and I feel like it such an amazing every day colour, a bit of berry never hurt a lip! (FYI colours are: Lusty Rose and Beyond Sexy) 


For a while I was a dedicated NYX translucent pressed powder user, but I’ve been using this Barry M loose powder and it’s bloody brill! I think because it’s a loose powder it sets my makeup even better than a pressed, I can layer the product a bit more, but because it’s translucent there isn’t a cakey look to my skin. Always appreciated. 



I’d love any suggestions for summer pieces, always trying to fill my life with pretty things, send em over!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x 

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