summer staples

The weather has been ridiculously beautiful recently, I can’t believe how good this summer has been already… and it’s only July!! I’ve been making a few new summer purchases to get me through (also just really like new pretty things) and these are my two new favs…


These sandals are so pretty. I wanted some easy to slip on, light sandals for every day wear and these Southbeach beauties are just that. For only £15 they are so nice. Real leather straps so they will stretch and will be super comfy. However, first day wearing them properly they did cut up my feet a little, bit that’s sort of to be expected on a super hot day, fresh leather and all. I’m hoping I can keep these clean and throughout summer by feet will be comfy and chic (ha!)

Now, everyone knows woven straw bags are in this summer, and this topshop one is perf. It looks so so so nice, casual but cool and it’s surprisingly really big. Bit of a Mary Poppins meets Hermione bag if you will. I think it looks like the best little stroll-along-the-beach bag but also a really fun day-in-the-city bag too. Ticks all he boxes really. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far as much as I am! It’s so great, I could not be loving all the beautiful blue sky’s anymore than I am! Ooooh and the summer sales have just hit…exciting times! 

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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