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It’s been a few months now since my job role changed at work, meaning I could wear my own clothes rather than a uniform. I work in the catering industry so I don’t really need to dress office smart, more presentable. However, I really like dressing smart for work and representing myself as a professional. I like doing so in a fashionable way and expressing my own personal style; i.e. colour and patterns haha! I also think it’s really important to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear for work; spending 40+ hours a week in something you don’t feel yourself in must be pretty horrible! I’d hate to feel restricted or not myself, it would really change the way I acted and spoke too- not really what you want in hospo! 

I still have a lot more I need to add to my wardrobe to have a fully stocked work appropriate section (my weekend usual of mini skirts doesn’t quite work if you bump into a CEO on a regular basis) but I think I’ve got a pretty good start and wanted to share a few of my fav work outfits. Basically what I wore for a week…

I’ve been after a great shirt-dress for years now, and happened to stumble upon this polka dot number in a Peacocks sale of all places! The thing I’ve always struggled with in regards to shirt-dresses is the length! I work in professional places so have to dress suitably… and usually a little things doesn’t quite cut it. This polka dot beauty is such a good length, has a little tie around the waist for a bit of shape and is so soft it makes be beyond happy! It’s so light and airy, a perfect little dress. I also feel like I’ve put in effort when I wear this dress, when, in reality its so simple and easy!

This lovely little monochrome outfit is so comfy its great! And, best of all- all Primark! I love a good bargain and have managed to get quite a lot of my outfits from sales/primark/items I already had but didn’t wear anymore which is just fab! This year I’ve really grown to love trousers, this time last year I dont think I owed a single pair of jeans or trousers! Still don’t have too many but my collection is growing thats for sure. I love that they are appropriate for basically all situations, and trousers usually have pockets, which is basically the best thing in the world…am I right?! I like to pair these trousers with a little crop t-shirt or shirt, to soften the look up a bit and really feel myself.

Here’s another set of trousers! Pretty sure I’ve featured these badboys from Nobody’s Child on here a few times (for sure on my insta). These were the first pair of trousers I brought last year! They’re ribbed so super comfy and have a frill detail at the bottom which I love. My boyfriend likes to call them ‘clown trousers’ lol but whatever, I love ’em and feel super comfy…they basically feel like wearing PJ’s and thats basically the goal of any outfit in my eyes. This satin-y pink shirt I’ve had for a little while now, another little Primark number, I’ve really been enjoying wearing it a-la Queer Eye french tuck style, or tied at the front like I did this day; I find it cuts up the outfit slightly and adds another something different to the look.

This is SUCH a simple (and all Primark again..oops) outfit but it’s one of my favourites atm! I really enjoy the block colour, and blue is one of my colours so I do feel comfy and confident it it too. Here I’ve tied up the front of the denim shirt again; its quite long so would look messy left loose, but a bit too much fabric to tuck in. I love a midi skirt for both work and personal wear, I’m quite short so always shied away anything longer than above-knee length before thinking the length would drown me, but now I actually love it. Im not worried of flashing anyone and actually think its a really flattering length! Also great for autumn looks!

This is maybe one of the prettiest outfits I’ve ever worn to work! The trousers are a beaut of a pair from Topshop, actually one of my house mates (ain’t that handy when you can share clothes hehe) and are so so flattering. I felt like a swanky lady from the 20’s wearing a pair of slacks! The checked detail is so lovely, and the colours aren’t something I’ve seen that much. I wore them with a simple baby blue long sleeve top from Primark (so good for basics I don’t even care I basically wore Primarny all week hehe) and I think it went so well with the colour pallet. I didn’t want to wear anything too fancy to clash with the trousers, after all they are the focal point of this and any future outfits really.

For shoes I usually wear my Nike air forces or baby pink Vans, but just to walk to and from work, I change to work shoes there. I have to say I have been loving wearing light trainers this summer, if you’d have asked me a few years back I never wore trainers but now I’ve got quite a few good pairs, a true staple!

Oooooh this has been a long one… oops! Hope you enjoyed reading this and likes some of the outfits I’ve been wearing to work lately! Also, please excuse all the background mess in my bedroom haha!

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x



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