So… it’s been quite some time since I last posted on here (4.5 months to be exact oops sorry!!) 

I’ve been wanting to write for ages now and worked myself up about it internally… then I realised if I try to force my self into writing a post, it’s not going to be good- I won’t feel good about what I create and, knowing me, I’ll procrastinate and procrastinate… and that’s just what I did! At the same time as putting pressure on myself to write, I was feeling guilty for not going to the gym as often as I felt I should be- even though I was busier with work and friends and have dodgy knees. After noticing I was putting all this pressure  on myself and feeling all this guilt for things that I ultimately enjoy and never want to feel like a chore, I tried to stop worrying so much- I know I will do things when I want to; I enjoy writing about the things that fill my life and I love squatting heavy! I’ll always come back to those things! 

And now here we are… the last day of 2018 and I’m writing this post. I’ve been reflecting on my year and goals I want to achieve in 2019 and thought I’d write them out. I’ll have something to look back on and remind me of those goals I want to achieve- I’m a forgetful one haha! 

2018 for me was a year for friends and career building. I’ve met some amazing women this year, have built upon my existing friendships and have made solid future plans with my boy- jeez it feels SO good knowing I’m surrounded by people that love me, that I love and feeling like I have some bloody great plans ahead!! 

I haven’t written so much on here this year compared to last, I think with moving to London, getting new jobs, making new friends, I’ve just had different priorities! I’ve been so much more social this year and for the first time I have a career goal- now this makes me feel bloody fantastic and the most adult I’ve ever felt!! 

I’ve travelled to a few new countries, had a few weekends away in the UK, met knew little members of the family, made PB’s at the gym, learnt so much from so many people and had the best summer of my life so far!! 

And hopefully 2019 will be even better!! I’ve never really been one for resolutions (just think if I want to do something why start at a certain point, just try!) but I’ve got a few goals this year I’d like to stick to! 

  1. I want to FINALLY stop biting my nails!! This has been an ongoing battle for over 10 years now and I have had enough! I am determined to officially be out of the group next year! 
  2. I want to continue learning within my newish job role and be better all the time! I want to be a better manager, be more creative, understand the world of contract catering more than I do now haha! 
  3. I want to get stronger and faster! I love the gym and have really found a love for weights! I find it so freeing being able to lift heaving things and see changes in my body! However, I also want to learn to not beat myself up or put excess pressure on myself with exercising- if I don’t want to go, if I’m not feeling well, if there are friends to see- it’s okay to miss a few sessions! 
  4. Be a financial queen. This year I want to be better with my finances- I find it so difficult to save money, I just spend it all on silly things I don’t need! I am going to be a responsible adult with savings and feel great about it! 
  5. Mostly though, I want to continue living and loving and having fun, even if that does mean a few too many hangovers hehe 

Honestly, 24 has been the best year so far… let’s see what the next 6 months bring and then it’s the big 25!!! 

Hope anyone reading this has had an amazing 2018 and an even better 2019! 

Thanks for popping by, abitofpeace x

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