This weekend has been glorious! It’s the first one I’ve spent at home, in London, on my own for what feels like so long now and boy was it was over due. 

On Friday night I fully prepared to not leave the house once this weekend… and I succeeded haha! I brought all the food I would need over the weekend and planned some yummy meals so didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything (I’ve also banned myself from spending money on food or travel until I get paid next… December ruined me a bit).

Saturday, I had the laziest day every. Actually, I woke up at a reasonable time and had breakfast, showered and all that good stuff but then I kind of just milled around a bit, drank copious amounts of tea, watched some tele and made a delicious dinner- enough for two nights so today has been minimum effort maximum taste! Simple and fab! 

Today, however is a completely different story. I woke up a bit later so had a late start, scrolled some social media and watched some youtube videos. Then I tidied and organised my room so bloody well I’m even impressed with myself. Every now and again my room seems to get out of control- there’s no method to the madness, nothing is in its place and draws are beyond a mess. When it gets like this (or if I just fancy a clear out actually) I spend hours going through everything I own, re-organising, cleaning and throwing anything away thats too old or actual rubbish i’ve been hanging onto. I always find some things to donate too. I seem to have taken on my mothers hoarding tendencies, luckily I can detach myself from things eventually though (sorry mom), this does mean i’ve got three bags of rubbish currently in my room…thats nice. 

Today I have literally gone through all my storage boxes, all my beauty bits, all my draws, my wardrobe and I feel so so good for it. Just popped some music on and got cracking! I don’t have much of a method to my organising, except group things together depending on what they are and how frequently I use them. For example, my top draw has all my makeup in that I don’t use every day (this actually lives near my mirror for easy access), all the pallets are together, all the loose bits are in a makeup bag together, all my extra brushes are together and all the lip stuff are together! Easy. I also keep all nail related stuff together in one box, all electrical bits like hair stuff and extra wires that pop up from nowhere are in another box, I have medically (and by medically i mean the three boxes of plasters I found and an absurd amount of allergen tablets) stuff together. I’ve also grouped together all the excess body lotions, scrubs and face masks I own… this amount is truly absurd! However, now that I can see them all I  can actually get cracking at using them up and giving my face a bit of TLC it needs from this cold weather!

I don’t really know why I wanted to write this post, I think maybe to hold myself accountable and hopefully never get so messy again! I’m even adding in some before and afters… truly horrified and embarassed at the state everything had gotten into! 



After doing this today, I feel so much better. Not that there was anything wrong, I’m just feeling really positive and pleased with what I’ve done… that’s a nice feeling. 

Thanks for popping by, abitofopeace x 


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