This weekend has been glorious! It’s the first one I’ve spent at home, in London, on my own for what feels like so long now and boy was it was over due.  On Friday night I fully prepared to not leave the house once this weekend... and I succeeded haha! I brought all the food … Continue reading Organised.


summer staples

The weather has been ridiculously beautiful recently, I can’t believe how good this summer has been already... and it’s only July!! I’ve been making a few new summer purchases to get me through (also just really like new pretty things) and these are my two new favs... These sandals are so pretty. I wanted some … Continue reading summer staples

skin care

For the past few months I've been on a big old skin-care train. For my adult life i've never been happy with my skin, breaking out quite regularly, especially around my chin (hello hormones, thank you very much) and I've mostly put it down to hormonal contraception. Which has hugely effected my skin it's v … Continue reading skin care